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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Proenza Schouler Ps1 or Cambridge Satchel!1

So I've been browsing the web because I was looking at Jack and Lazurus's beautiful Ps1's because I wanted to buy another one. Hmmm. but I came across this European bag the Carolina from fashion squad was wearing and its call Cambridge Satchel. The vibrant colour and its shape reminded me of the Ps1. What do you guys think. For me I have to be faithful to my Parson's alumi Jack and Lazurus! I love the Ps1. What are your thoughts!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Doctor MARTENS is here for shoe care!

Dr. Martens is here! So I've had such an argument with myself in regards to Dr.Martens shoes. I've from some reason have always found them a bit unattractive. But for some reason now, ironically I bought a pair of black ones today! I know I am quite a hippocrite... but I cant seem to stop wearing them. After I went on line and saw it used in such amazing and fashionable ways! I have to admit I feel in love! -A

Monday, 16 January 2012

70's-80 Revival!

Been doing some research for my latest collection coming out, and I've decided that were still trending for the 70-80 revival! Were focusing a lot on lace. When lace is done properly it is timeless. The fashion industry is reviving a lot of its vintage characteristics! And we all know whoever is a fashionista knows you can never go wrong with vintage desinger.. and who else to show this but our favorite british editor Alexa Chung!


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Brad Goreski... The Canadian Stylist

So lately I've come down with the Goreski crush! This canadian visonnaire of style has been exploding in the fashion world right now. He has been blowing up form leaving Rachel Zoe project to making his own television show "Its a Brad World". Also he is recommending style tips for "must haves" for the Gilt Group. As for mens fashion I feel like Brad is almost as stylish and fashionable as our friend and editor Simone Marchetti.


Tribute to Elin Kling

Elin Kling known for being in the elite group of bloggers like fasihontoast, bryanboy, and stockholm street style. I think Elin Kling is one of my inspiration in fashion, styling, and design!

Please let me know if theses photography are your so I can source them correctly. All of Elin Kling's outfits are available at,, Enjoy!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Simone Marchetti !!!!!!

Simone Marchetti, who is this man.... well the funny thing is I first recognized Simone from the sartorialist. He was photographed by Schuman and publish in his collection of photography. Simone was shot wearing his beautiful japanese cherry pleated pants, crisp white button up, and a balenciaga cardigan. He is quite known for his colorfull and tasteful wardrobe. But anyways, as I was mentioning how I spotted him on the Sartorialist,When I was looking at stockholm street I saw him again and again and again! He inspires me so I wanted to dedicate this post to him.

All imgaes where take from Stockholm Street. 


I love my friend Jules! She is one HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT TAMAMLI! I was bored one day so I decided to do a photoshoot with her.. She is my muse and my fav subject to style and creatively direct a shoot with. I give props to my amazing photographer Amanda Diaz for helping me shoot this!

Sophisticated Grundge

Been creeping on which by the way is one of my favorite male blogs out there. I got inspired and decided to post a blog on one of my male model friends that I styled and directed a photo-shoot with. I think he is quite dreamy! enjoy!

Wardrobe: All Hugo Boss -A.

Black and White T's

I was going back into my photo closet and came across this picture! My friend T is so gorgeous! I love styling her!

Bag: Balenciaga (The Works) with Silver Hardware, Dress: Unknown, Shoes: Chinese Laundry. -A.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Simple Couture

I've been experimenting lately with styling..... I think its beautiful!
What do you think?